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janitorial supplies lafayette, la janitorial supplier lafayette, la




                         Location: 120 B Delta Road, Lafayette, LA


                      (Usually closed from 12PM-1PM for lunch. Will gladly be available upon request.)


                   Showroom Hours:  Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30PM

JL Sanitary & Supply, Co. Inc. is a full-service janitorial and sanitation supply house located at                  

120 B Delta Road in Lafayette, Louisiana. Founded       in 1963, JL Sanitary & Supply has served Acadiana     with offerings that include all purpose cleaners, brooms/squeegees/brushes, carpet care, deodorants/aerosols, disinfectants, floor care, gloves, hand cleaners, liners, mops and mopping equipment, pads/sponges/scrubbers, paper products, restaurant supplies, restroom care, service station supplies, specialty cleaners, and more. 

Owned and operated by Michael R. Vallot, JL Sanitary & Supply is a family owned business ready to meet

the janitorial and sanitation needs of the Acadiana area. In September 1974, JL Sanitary & Supply became a distributor of the Diversey, Inc. Line (formerly Johnson Wax) of industrial and maintenance products. This appointment helped to round out the most complete line of janitorial and building maintenance chemical equipment and supplies in the Acadiana area, with the company serving as the only local Diversey supplier. In addition to the Diversey Line, JL Sanitary & Supply offers other product lines such as Gentry, Carroll, Rubbermaid, TimeMist, Fresh Products, Go Jo, Georgia Pacific Professional, Kimberly Clark Professional, Proctor & Gamble Professional, and a host of other well known products.



The staff at JL Sanitary & Supply treat you like family and take pride in providing outstanding service. Most importantly, the staff genuinely cares about YOU!


Michael R. Vallot, President 
Kelli Vallot Horn, Director of Sales & Marketing 
   Lloyd Darby, Warehouse/Driver

Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding sanitary products delivered on time with integrity, reliability, and honesty.


Delivery is FREE to businesses in our service area. INQUIRE TODAY about this convenient option! No one has to leave the office and freight is never charged.


Our warehouse is stocked with industrial grade product, all available at competitive pricing. Contact us TODAY about a free price quote and it will be delivered to you along with a FREE dust pan!

janitorial supplies lafayette, la janitorial supplier lafayette, la


janitorial supplies lafayette, la janitorial supplier lafayette, la
janitorial supplies lafayette, la janitorial supplier lafayette, la
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