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As a full-service janitorial supply house located in Lafayette, Louisiana we not only offer COMPETITIVE PRICING and FREE DELIVERY, but also FREE CONSULTATION with our President that has over 40 years of experience in the janitorial industry ... Mr. Michael R. Vallot. We are FAMILY OWNED, FAMILY OPERATED, and TREAT YOU LIKE FAMILY!

We SAVE you TIME, we SAVE you MONEY, and HELP to keep your commercial and residential environment CLEAN, HEALTHY, and SAFE! Not to mention, we've offered FREE DELIVERY (NO FREIGHT CHARGES EITHER) and personalized supply room restocking long before anyone else thought of it. Above all, we genuinely CARE about the unique needs of every customer and will go the extra mile for all. Customer satisfaction is paramount.

THANK YOU for allowing our family the opportunity to serve you and for considering JL SANITARY your YEAR-ROUND SOLUTION for your JANITORIAL PRODUCT NEEDS.  

janitorial supplies Lafayette LA
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